The Circular Economy: Our Journey in Africa So Far / Footprints Africa

Thu 21, 2021 / By Joanna Bingham

Attention on the circular economy has centred on Europe and North America.

Shifting the lens to #Africa, how do the opportunities compare?

Is the level of circularity higher or lower? Most importantly, what could inclusive, regenerative development look like in African contexts?

@Footprints Africa. the organisation run by our very own @Joanna Bingham, is undertaking the first comprehensive mapping of #circulareconomy business initiatives in Africa.

This report is a snapshot of the stories of the entrepreneurs who are reimagining Africa’s future through their business innovations.

It is based on submissions from over 60 initiatives across the continent, drawn from an ever-growing longlist.

The objective is to build an open-source database featuring 500 cases by the end of 2021, with strong regional representation. These will feature in @Circle Economy’s upgraded Knowledge Hub and are being mapped by @GRID-Arendal.

> Download the full report from Footprints Africa:

> If you have an initiative you would like included, please complete the questionnaire directly:

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