We Offer Practical Solutions to Accelerate the Transition to a Circular Economy for Business, Government, and Communities

We Help SMEs Navigate Fact from Fiction, and Innovate for Competitive Advantage Within the Circular Economy

CE360 Provides Contextual and Evidence Based Circular Business Solutions

Helping to Close the Loops So Valuable Materials Stay in Use Forever

CE360’s Values Seek Inspiration from Natural Living Systems to Solve 21st Century Challenges

Why? “The more our world functions like the natural world, the more likely we are to endure on this home that is ours, but not ours alone.” ~ Janine Benyus

Over  400 organisations that have committed to the Circular Economy …

ABCDJohnson and Johnson Consumer WWF Mars Amcor Philips SC Johnson H & M Hennes & Mauritz AB Pepsico Unilever Veolia The Government of Chile Coca-Cola FEMSA Danone SA Walmart Inc. L’Oréal Suez Colgate-Palmolive Company Borealis AG The Government of France The Government of the United Kingdom The Coca-Cola Company Nestlé Burberry Group plc Circular Sweden Diageo Dynapack Asia Ecovative Henkel AG & Co. KGaA Hermes EOS HP Inc Inditex ING Innocent Drinks Kellogg Company Legal & General Investment Management Life Cycle Initiative Man Group Marks and Spencer plc Origin Materials Pernod Ricard Schneider Electric Scottish Government Sealed Air Corporation Selfridges Sistema B International Sky Group Splosh Ltd. Stanley Black & Decker Stella McCartney Target Corporation TerraCycle TOMRA Systems ASA Trillium Asset Management Scottish Government gDiapers Government of Grenada C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group

… need a supply chain that’s CE compliant™

Let’s get Circular!

The Circular Economy (CE) has been described as a new economic paradigm, imperative for tackling climate change, and a multi trillion Euro opportunity!

What are the opportunities and challenges of the CE transition, in your context? What is the risk of doing nothing? How can your organisation start ‘going circular’?

The CE360 Alliance brings together a global team of qualified consulting professionals who have a vast mix of skillsets and industry backgrounds, combined with unique post-graduate business training in circular economy and innovation. We take an evidence-based approach to identify the right choices for our customers, their stakeholders and our planet.

CE360’s structured 4-Point Plan increases your organisation’s resilience and competitive advantage.  Networks and partnerships are built to access the growing list of buyers who are closing the material loop in their supply chains. Like with a tree and its eco-system, every part of one business should provide inputs (nutrients) for another.

To CE360 and many CE practitioners, “waste” is a design flaw.  Thus,  CE360 consultants help clients co-create “whole systems” strategies for symbiotic, environmentally sound eco-systems.  The results are resource availability, increased brand capital and greater profitability.

“Welcome to the circular economy – where objects never die” ∼ Wired Magazine, 2016

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CE360 Works with Companies to Redesign Systems to Serve both Customers and Our Environment

LineAr Economy

valuable resources discarded

Recycling Economy

Recycling is overwhelmed at
current volumes

Circular Economy

Restorative & Regenerative
Redesigned to capture all materials for
the next process

“What if we designed materials that can go back to nature safely – the things we wear, the things we use in water; and then things as technical nutrition that go back to industry forever: the polymers, the aluminium. Since 1850, 75% of the aluminium made by humans is still in circulation.  Technical nutrition.  Think about this. Even solar collectors, even if we use cadmium, it could be seen as being nutrition for technology for the future.” 
 William McDonough, architect, designer and author

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